Antonini CPAs, LLPsetting the pace for a new generation of CPAs because real life experience and wisdom trump knowledge contained in books. 

With over 50 years combined experience and 26 businesses  started, Antonini CPA’s share the same passion and emotional investment in  their clients as their clients do for their own businesses and personal affairs.  Your concerns are their concerns, and helping you through life’s demands is  their goal. 

John and Orlando Antonini believe the key to success  lies in the relationships formed between themselves and their individual clientele. Personalized, private attention is their primary objective in serving out-of-state clients, and clients throughout the Bay Area, with a 24/7  commitment. 

Through first-hand experiences, brothers John and Orlando possess the knowledge to help their clients start businesses, evolve their  current business, and help both business and individual clients improve their  finances.  They are quick to identify  problems, find solutions, and suggest innovative ideas. With John and Orlando  as your guides, you will reach your own horizon; your success is our focus.

Two office in California to serve you, but call us no matter where you live.  We can help.

Santa Rosa, California:  (707) 524-8130

San Francisco, California:  (415) 353-5680


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