Who can you trust as a business adviser?

Businesses face many challenges over time; as a business owner you can enhance your vision and the performance of your business by seeking out advice from a business adviser – but how do you choose someone you can trust?

Who can you turn to when facing difficult situations like business turnaround, securing financing for a new project, working out an exit strategy for retirement, or how to increase net income for your business?

In our firm, we have a passion for helping business owners come up with creative solutions to their business questions and problems. During face-to-face meetings, we can ask the right, purposeful questions about what is going on with the business. Our agenda is geared toward one and three-year plans versus other CPAs who simply want talk about taxes, financial statements, compliance issues, and banal number tracking.

The major difference between us and other CPAs is that we have started and managed over twenty-six different businesses. With that kind of background and experience we have the wisdom and knowledge you can rely on and trust in an adviser. It is our firm belief this service is the most critical for your business to prosper.

That’s why on our website we stress that we are the new generation of CPAs. It doesn’t mean we’re just out of college – it means we have been around long enough and participated so much in real business to have the kind of broad, creative knowledge base necessary to take your business to the next level and hopefully beyond.

We want to meet face-to-face with you and ask questions like:

• What’s new with your business?

• What are the primary goals you are working to achieve?

• What concerns are you facing?

• Where do you want to be in two or three years?

• What are your biggest challenges?

(We’re in the Bay Area region of California – if you aren’t close enough for a face-to-face meeting we can set up an online meeting using Skype.)

In our meeting, we are going to dig deeper to get a sense of your bigger picture. We take our time with you and are not overly quick to offer solutions, because we don’t want to miss opportunities that could make a significant impact, the kind of impact that you will truly value.

By taking a more strategic approach with you we will get a better understanding of what is going on. This is going to allow us to offer workable solutions tailored specifically to your business and your goals. By using our experience and knowledge in business and finance, we provide you with the maximum value for your money. As a byproduct, we will earn your trust by providing service that has special meaning to you plus results that surpass what you could have done on your own.

With other CPAs, your attention (and their service) will remain focused on compliance issues. Sure, compliance based services are important because those compliance issues are something you have to deal with.

But what comes next?

Find a trusted advisor. How do you find one?

Take a look at a firm like ours. Yes, we are CPAs. But, if you take away all of the compliance related services, we would still have a firm with a valuable service to offer our clients. You figure that out by looking at the entire picture of who we are and where we’ve been. Our business experience, our experience in finances and loans – that is where you get an idea of whether or not we have something far beyond an ordinary CPA firm to offer.

Call us right now, today at (707) 524-8130 or (415) 353-5680 and let’s develop a great strategic plan for your business.

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