Why business owners need trusted business advisers

You, as a business owner, know your business. You started it out of a passion to deliver a better product, a better service, and a better idea. Along with this innate passion to be an entrepreneur, is a desire to make money during the process.

Many business owners get caught up in daily happenings within their businesses and end up neglecting the financial management aspect of their business. In order to focus on the daily needs your business demands, you must have a trusted adviser–such as a CPA–for reinforcement.

At this moment you might be thinking to yourself, “Well this guy is a CPA, so why would he say anything different than to have a CPA as a trusted adviser?”

That is a reasonable deduction, so let’s explore the reasons why having a CPA as your trusted financial adviser is a good idea.

A high-quality CPA has many years’ experience in hundreds of different businesses. With many years experience comes many different outcomes within particular businesses. By experiencing the good and the bad, the CPA should be able to foresee potential problems within your business to help you improve upon the good things to make them great things.

In addition, if you find a CPA who has actually started his or her own business (rare), you have someone who not only has knowledge strictly from a CPA stand point, but from a business owner’s stand point as well.

There are many different aspects of running a business efficiently and effectively. With multiple focuses within the business, the business owner can feel overwhelmed. Most end up running themselves thin because they are trying to do too many different things at once. With financial foundational support, you can put all your energy into one aspect of the business and not worry about the financial aspect. You have someone helping you, someone looking out for your best interest, someone who wants to see you succeed. With 100% of your attention on what you do best, your business can grow and prosper.

It is essential to find the best accounting staff and CPA available to you. Not only will you have more money in your checking account, but you will have peace of mind knowing that the numbers on your financial statement actually mean something.

By having the support, experience, and knowledge of a CPA, you are free to focus your attention on seeing that the passion you started your business with continues.

What issues do you find dividing your attention too much in your business or in life?

We are CPAs, but we also have over 50 years combined experience in 26 businesses we started ourselves. That’s why we are the new generation of CPAs. We share the same passion and emotional investment in our clients as our clients do for their own businesses and personal affairs.

Give us a call [(707) 524-8130 or (415) 353-5680] if you need some help regaining your focus. We’re in the Bay Area in California, but we work with clients all over the U.S. as CPAs and Financial Planners.

Have a great day.


Photo Courtesy of J. L. Fleckenstein from the book I, The Wind Copyright © 2010 J. L. Fleckenstein
Photo Copyright © 2011 J. L. Fleckenstein ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
Photo Courtesy of J. L. Fleckenstein from the book “I, The Wind”

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